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October 2022 - Website Updates

At Outdoor Cap we value our customers feedback and are consistently looking to improve/optimize all areas of our business. 

In 2022 we have made huge strides working with our customers to develop an improved user experience when navigating between our different product pages within our Promotional, Team, and Retail channels and in April of 2022 we fully re-designed our product detail pages. 

In October we are excited to release a handful of key updates that will continue to pave the way toward a more user friendly and transparent experience when buying products through

Below is a comprehensive list detailing these changes and the value they will provide. 

We hope you are as excited about these updates as we are!


October Release Information

Video Walkthrough


HubSpot Video


*Pricing shown is sample data





* Pricing shown is sample data

As an eligible logged in customer you can now view customized pricing details for each color way style via our pricing tables on the promotional products pages. This includes our grouped (all color way options) and our individual product pages. 

This added insight will ensure you have full transparency on costs for any cap style.  




* Pricing shown is sample data

The new and improved list view provides a more optimized and interactive way to view our product offerings on the promotional, retail, and teams websites. If you need to make a purchase for multiple color ways within a style, this improvement will make it even easier to add items to your shopping cart. 




*Pricing shown is sample data

Whenever you visit our website it is important to know what you are viewing as you navigate to our product detail pages. Now, whenever you view our promotional products website, and navigate to a particular style, you will know whether or not you need to sign-in, fill out our wholesale account application to become an eligible buyer, or if you are already logged in and can view your customized pricing. 

This update is the first of many changes we are looking to make to increase transparency and reduce obstacles when buying products from