The Influence of Promo Products: The Value of Headwear (Updated)

By Veronica Smith on Apr 3, 2023 @ 3:40PM CDT

When it comes to promo products, you know that it all comes down to the value added to what you do. It’s a little harder to measure impressions on a physical item than it is for digital ads. Still, ASI’s study shows that one hat generates about 3,136 impressions in its estimated lifetime of 7 months with its wearer (and we’ve found some people keep their hats for up to 4 years). MicrosoftTeams-image (5)-2

The Influence of Promo Products

In their latest study, ASI found that outerwear is the #1 most influential promo product. That’s all well and good, but why? Outerwear doesn’t get covered up.

In some regions, outerwear is only worn seasonally, even if that means people keep their jackets longer. Something else that doesn’t get covered up? Caps. Drinkware is up there, and pens are great, but pens get lost, and how many people see the cup you’re holding versus something on your head. 

Think about talking to someone wearing a hat. You might be looking at their eyes, or you might be looking at their head. Which products given away are influencing you and impressing others to do business with your brand? 

Positivity, From the Top of Your Head...

In a world of TikToks and ads on almost every streaming channel, we, as consumers, get fed up with digital impressions of products. The 2019 ASI study showed that a physical product is 2.5 times more likely to be positively perceived than a digital ad. 

2.5 times more positively viewed promotions than digital promo product graphic from ASI

Is My target Market Wearing Caps?ValueOfACapColumn


69% of Consumers Own a Promo Cap- 85% of Those Consumers Remember the Advertiser Who Gave It To Them

Now you have your choice of promo products. And they all work in their own way. But you might be asking yourself if your target audience, industry, customer, or end-user wears hats. 

Hats look good on everyone. If you haven’t found a hat that looks good on you, you haven’t seen everything there is to offer. From little leaguers to grandparents, hats are built to protect eyeballs from the sun. They’re handy and simple and can turn a bad hair day into, “I like that hat!” 

33% of Men Wear Their Cap Weekly or More

Some people are more particular than others when it comes to cap choice. Your dad may be most concerned with keeping the sun off his face, but not about the shape or style. That’s as much of a fashion statement as carefully curating their cap collection and hat choice of the day.

Your grandma needs her hat in the garden but is a bit more particular. She needs a structured cap that isn’t too tall for her short forehead but not too hot, with soft mesh in a dark color, so the dirt from the garden doesn’t show up too quickly.  

These are people, and people wear caps. Ask Your Target Market found that 41% of people in the United States wear hats at least sporadically, and 11% of those wear hats every day. 

So, Does It Pay?


Each Cap Creates 3,400 Impressions, and the Cost Per Impression of a $10 Cap is 1/10 of One Cent

Promo products work. To increase impressions, most of the time, it involves more time and money put into your digital strategy. That's great and you should do that too, but a cap (and promo products) are a FUN option and can last forever. Your customers will remember you, and they will increase perception!

Promo Caps are Kept for 10 Months

Now, we're hat lovers here at Outdoor Cap, and we keep up a constant rotation of caps in our arsenal for any occasion, but we still all have our favorite. It looks cool, but it's like a little head hug. We VALUE cap comfort and fit, so if you want them to keep those caps for longer, choose a comfy one. 


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