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By Emily Potter on Jun 6, 2017 @ 10:21AM CDT

Last week, we looked at sun protection styles from OC Sports. Today, we’re expanding on that and discussing additional sun styles found in our promotional products catalog.sun-protection-3.jpg


The STW-200L is a cowboy style straw hat with a braided leather band. It has Expand-A-Band® sizing that will fit most.

Even though it’s a straw, this one can be embroidered directly on the hat. Its shape offers significant shade to the face, neck, and shoulders.


The BH-500 is an Aussie cotton twill bucket style and comes in khaki and navy. It also features Expand-A-Band® sizing and an adjustable chin cord.


The BH-600 is a boonie style with a three-inch brim for optimal shade. It has antique brass eyelets, and adjustable chinstrap, and an Expand-A-Band® fit. It has an excellent UPF rating to protect the wearer from the sun’s harmful rays. 


The RR-002 is a camper shape with a removable neck guard. It has a neck cord with toggle, a black nylon clip closure, a Q3® sweatband, and mesh inserts. It carries a 40+ UPF rating to protect the skin from UV rays that cause skin cancer and premature aging.


The LD-905 is a Lindu straw beach bum style with a three-inch brim for optimal shading. It is sold in packs of six with three of each color band: olive and navy. It has Expand-A-Band® sizing, but unfortunately, this straw style cannot be embroidered.

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Emily Potter

Emily Potter

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