Outdoor Cap Provides Automatic Order Shipment Notification with Essent OrderTrax Integration

By Ben Roberts on Jul 9, 2020 @ 0:34PM CDT


Headwear supplier Outdoor Cap Company, Inc. is now offering distributors real-time, around-the-clock visibility to Order Shipment information to save time and make more efficient partnerships.

Essent® implemented the Order Shipment Notification (OSN) integration for Outdoor Cap via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards. Essent previously implemented the Order Status integration for Outdoor Cap.

Distributors integrated with Outdoor Cap now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Order Status and Order Shipment Notifications at any time.

The advantage of integration is that the information needed to move transactions forward can be shared automatically and in real-time, rather than slowly and manually through countless calls and emails.

"Integrating shipping and order information automatically provides our customers some of the information that they most often want to know. By providing the information electronically and automatically, we improve our customer service without ever having to even call or email,” Outdoor Cap Product Experience Manager, Mark Stein said.

Over 150 companies have already taken advantage of Outdoor Cap’s PromoStandards endpoints for Order Status.

Outdoor Cap is actively seeking to share the time-saving service with more distributors, who can contact us or fill out this request form to get started.

Promotional products companies used OrderTrax to exchange business information with trading partners more than 5 million times in 2019. OrderTrax hosts an industry leading 1,400+ trading partner integrations.

Inventory, Order Status, Order Shipment Notification, Product Data, Media Content, Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Product Pricing & Configuration can be shared via OrderTrax using PromoStandards.


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Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts

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