OC News: April 2018

By Emily Potter on May 2, 2018 @ 8:00AM CDT

NWA Bowl-A-Thon

The 16th Annual Bowl-A-Thon was held at Fast Lane Entertainment in Rogers, AR on Friday, April 20th. Teams of five competed for the best and worst combined score. Two teams from OC competed, one of which brought home the Worst Bowlers’ Trophy!

  • Beau Brosius
  • Heath Crofut
  • Tracy Liipfert
  • Ariel Lyon
  • Ryan Mahoney
  • Josh Mangum
  • Emily Potter
  • Preston Toombs
  • Jessica Wheeless

Outdoor Cap also donated hats for everyone who participated! The Bowl-A-Thon raised over $18,000 for Junior Achievement. All of which stays in NWA to fund programming in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.IMG_1157

Charity Luncheons

Outdoor Cap is proud to sponsor and donate to a number of NWA based charities. In April, we bought a number of tickets to fundraising luncheons and held drawings to give away the tickets to OC employees and their families. 

Friendship Community Care’s Mudbug Madness – April 29th

  • Amanda Beadel
  • Teri Goff
  • Mark Stein
  • Sara Wages


Saving Grace Butterflies & Blooms – April 19th

  • Kara Anderson
  • Dominique Artman
  • Kelly Bribiesca
  • Jessica Garcia
  • Justin Kelley
  • Tracy Reither
  • Cindy Savage
  • Katherine Trivitt

Q1 Design Award

Each quarter, OC employees vote on top cap designs. Q1 winners were as follows: 

  • Hannah Hobson
  • Jeremy Jackson
  • Christie Regan


Strongman Competition

Johnny Wasiczko won a StrongMan competition in Chicago and wore a different JUNK Brands headband in every event, including the awards ceremony!image011


With locations in Arkansas, California, and Texas, we currently employ 410 people, but that number is always changing. Check out all of our employment updates for the month including new hires and open positions.


We’re always working to help our team members grow in their current positions as well as advance to new roles and take on additional responsibilities. We’re proud to say five employees received promotions in November.

Tracy Deathrage

Tracy has now accepted the position of Inventory Control Tech in our warehouse.

Megan Dwinell

Megan has transitioned to the role of Customer Care Specialist in our Customer Care department.

James Matchett

James has now taken on the job of 2nd Shift Lead on our Embroidery team.

Harvey McLeroy

Harvey has also accepted the position of 2nd Shift Lead on our Embroidery team.

Sabrina Watkins

Sabrina has transitioned to the role of Lead Digitizer in our Digitizing department.

New Hires

Outdoor Cap is constantly growing, and our team members very quickly become our family. Check out our newest additions for the month of April.

Kari Adams

Kari has joined our Bentonville Domestic Embroidery team as a Quality Control Trimmer.

Alena Bybee

Alena will be taking over for Crystal Shaw when she retires as Executive Assistant to the COO.

Kristy Delozier

Kristy has accepted the role of Customer Care Specialist.

Marilyn Doherty

Marilyn has accepted the role of Customer Care Specialist.

Patrick James Doyle

Patrick has joined our Bentonville Domestic Embroidery team as a Quality Control Trimmer.

Lynell Jackson

Lynell joins us as a 2nd shift Machine Operator.

Tucker Minor

Tucker has taken on the job of Material Handler.

Mikal Murders

Help us welcome Mikal who will be filling the position of Senior Project Manager in our IT department.

Yasmin Acosta Perez

Yasmin joins us as a 4th shift Machine Operator.

Zuleima Rodriquez Ramirez

Zuleima joins us as a 3rd shift Machine Operator.

Jesse Utting

Jesse joins us as a 3rd shift Machine Operator.


10 Years

  • Phi Huynh
Open Positions

As of today (May 2, 2018), we’re currently working to fill the position listed below; please see our career page for more information.

  • Domestic Order Specialist
  • Project Coordinator – IT

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Emily Potter

Emily Potter

Emily is the Content Marketer for Outdoor Cap Co. She holds an M.A. in AD & PR from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in Marketing. Emily is an avid Crimson Tide football fan. She has a golden retriever named Opie Winston, and a cat named Tide.