Choosing the Right Hat for Your Face Shape

By Veronica Smith on Jul 12, 2023 @ 11:02AM CDT


No matter your face shape, wearing a hat can be a necessity on a sunny day at the beach, a ball game, or to your favorite amusement park with the fam. There are many different face shapes. Some key face structures are oval, circle, oblong, heart, square, and triangle. 

We’ve all had our share of comments from our mothers or significant others that maybe “that hat isn’t quite your shape.” We’ve got some news; at the end of the day, if you like your cap and you feel good in it, that’s what matters! But here are some tips to follow when looking for your next cap.  


Caps for an Oval Face 

Congrats, everything looks good on you! Go to the extremes and pull it off. Go bold, show off.  

High Crown Roped 5 Panel Trucker cap  

Boonie Floatable Moisture Wicking Hat 

Low Profile Unstructured Tactical Cap  Oval

Caps for a Circle or Round Face 

Consider high profiles, structured flatbills, and hats with angles. Pulling the hat angled down gives it more features and another line to distract from facial curves.   

Split Panel Performance Snap Back

Classic 6 Panel Snap Back

Round (2)

Caps for an Oblong Face 

Choose hats with a low profile, like dad hats and low-profile structured hats. You can also rock bucket hats and sun hats of all shapes and sizes.  

Low pro mesh back structured  

Supplex bucket hat  

Classic unstructured dad cap  


Caps for a Heart-Shaped Face 

Beanies are your best friend. Choose hats that balance out the width of your forehead. Keep clear of wide brims. Feel free to wear your baseball cap backward or embrace your 90’s nostalgia with baggy drawers and sweeping the cap to one side. For backward comfort, consider a soft snap closure cap or soft material hook and loop tape caps. 

Packable 5 Panel Cap with Cord

Cable Knit Beanie

Garment Washed Hook LoopHeart

Caps for a Square Face 

Square faces are built for sunshine, or sun hats and bucket hats. You can also tilt your cap to one side to throw off the squareness of the baseball look with your jawline. Avoid square hats or large structured hats and opt for low profiles with more rounded features 

Lightweight Perforated Performance

Sea Grass Straw GamblerSquare

Caps for a Triangle Face 

Try them all! The options are versatile. Just choose a hat that balances your shoulder line and goes with your outfit. 

All Mesh Cap 

Tall Panel Visor  

7 Panel Structured Mesh Back Triangle

Everyone looks good in a cowboy hat, we don’t make those, but we make a thousand different baseball hats, and we believe there is one for any type of face shape and style.  


Download the guide for your customers to help them choose their next favorite cap.  

Branded Guide

Unbranded Guide

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Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith