Celebrate Promotional Products Work! Week with Headwear Show and Tell

By Emily Potter on May 13, 2016 @ 8:01AM CDT



We know #hatswork as promotional products, and we know that you know #hatswork as well. What we’re asking from you is to submit a brief proposal to show or tell us how you plan to make your Promotional Products Work! Week all about caps. So that afterward, your customers will know how well #hatswork.

Promotional Products Work! Week is an annual event sponsored by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). The purpose is to create awareness around the effectiveness of promotional products used as advertising tools. This year, the celebration will take place May 23rd - May 27th.



At Outdoor Cap, we invite you to celebrate by showing or telling us how you’re planning to highlight headwear this Promotional Products Work! Week. If we like your idea, we’ll help you fund it! Need some ideas to get your brain juices pumping?

  • Host a Coffee & Caps breakfast or a Hats & Hotdogs luncheon. Invite your customers and the media to learn all about headwear in the promotional products industry.
  • Crowdsource photos of your customers with their hats, and use them to create a mosaic.
  • Donate your old sample caps to a local charity or homeless shelter.
  • Use our #hatswork video anywhere and everywhere! 

Click here to enter. The winner will receive $500 cash, and will be announced on May 23rd.

Remember, no ideas are too big or too small; just spend the week raising awareness for the promotional products industry, and throw in a little something extra with headwear!

For more information and inspiration, visit the PPAI website.



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Emily Potter

Emily Potter

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