8 Ways the New OutdoorCap.com Will Help You Sell More Headwear

By Ben Roberts on Mar 8, 2018 @ 11:36AM CST

Outdoor Cap is continuing to evolve and grow our business to meet the changing needs of our customers (you) and YOUR customers. To do that, we have built a completely new web experience that is faster, easier, and more enjoyable to search for and order our products.

See below for details on 8 ways our sites have changed and how they can help you find just what you're looking for...

1. We've made the good things about our site experience better

While we've introduced new shopping tools and our site is backed by a more robust set of data for each product to help you find what you're looking for more quickly, we have kept all the good parts.


  • Easy to access account information. The first time you visit our new site experience you will have to reset your password in our new system. Just use the email address you logged in from our old site and click "Forgot your password?" to reset it. Links to each of our businesses' password reset pages are here. 
  • Categories that are the same as our catalogs. What you see in our catalogs will be what you see online. We may have additional styles on our website as our yearly catalogs age but you will be familiar with all of our categories if you are familiar with the catalog.
  • Callouts to new and trending products. We still use our website home page to help direct you to popular, new, and trending products from our line.
  • Same dealer locator with geo-location. We have thousands of end-consumers visiting our site each month and we direct them to our active customers and retailers through our locator. Plus, it now has the added feature of geo-location so users can click "Find my Location" and find our customers closest to them.
  • Same great descriptions for our programs. From Domestic Decoration to Custom Overseas and beyond, all of our cap and headwear programs are described in the same detail on site as before.
  • Same access to our catalogs and resources with more enhancements coming soon.

2. Shop your way with 'Shop By'

We know you and your customers look for products in different ways. One day you may specifically need a meshback while the next you may be looking for high profile caps of any kind. Our new Shop By tab on our Promotional Products website makes this easier than ever. But don't take our word for it, check it out.

You can now shop by:

Our popular searches are collections of products that people are commonly searching for... both consumers and customers so we call them out here and update them regularly.

3. Navigate to products more easily with our new left-hand navigation

You can now view products in any category or view all products at once and drill down to the exact product that meets your needs. 

As soon as you visit a product grid from a category or search for a product, you will see links along the left side to help you find just what you need. Select as many or as few as you want to clarify what kind of product you want to see. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Back (mesh back, solid back, or visor)
  • Closure (hook/loop tape, buckle, etc.)
  • Color Family (Blue, Red, Green, Camo, etc.)
  • Crown (the cap height from low crown to high)
  • Structure (caps with buckram - structured or without - unstructured)
  • Visor (Flat, Pre-curved, Slight Pre-curved)

More ways to slice and dice your cap searches are coming soon.

4. Site search that actually helps you find what you are looking for

Our new site search has over 1,300 synonyms and redirects to help you find just what you need, regardless of what you type.

  • It's predictive. Type in three letters or numbers and our search will show you its best guess of what you mean.
  • It's fast. Our search is pre-indexed to help you spend more time shopping, less time waiting.
  • It sends you straight to categories. You might not know there's a category for mesh backs or Americana, but our site search does and it will send you straight there if it figures out what you mean.

5. Product Reviews help customers and consumers understand the products being viewed

We've added product reviews! 😊

Anyone can view product reviews to learn what others think about our popular and new products, what they are good for, and what they aren't (our mesh backs aren't very water repellent).

It will take some time to populate our reviews but you can help! Any logged in user (meaning customers only) can easily take a moment and review a product they've purchased. Engaging reviews are detailed, focused on the product, and realistic. Keep an eye out for customer incentives to leave reviews after your purchase. The world wants to hear what you think!

6. A smoother product shopping and selection experience

Once you have found the style you want you have to decide what color(s) or team(s) you need. We've made this process much easier. Remember, only logged-in customers can see wholesale pricing and purchase products.

  • First, browse the color ways and view additional enlarged images by clicking 'View Image Gallery.'
  • Then, for each color way, pattern, or team you would like to add to cart, just click on the corresponding box and you will see the radio button show you have selected that product.
  • When you have chosen what you want, click the red 'Select" button.
  • Finally, choose your quantity of each color you selected above and hit 'Add to Cart.'

7. A modern commerce shopping cart

When you click 'Add to Cart' you will see a mini-cart pop up in the top right corner of your screen. You can see a simple list of the products you have added to your cart and either edit them or choose to checkout.

8. Everything is faster

Multiple studies have shown that a faster website makes for a better experience. The speed of our new website is up to 80% faster to load and function than our previous site. That means happier customers and consumers and a faster shopping experience.

And there's more to come...

There is lots more to come. Hopefully you've seen how we are committed to your success and servicing your business. As much work as we have put in we know things are not perfect. We need your help to keep improving. 

But we need your help.

Please take a moment and either use the feedback button on the edge of the website or our full survey and feedback form located here to provide your thoughts on the experience and what we can continue to improve. We greatly appreciate you taking the time and hope you enjoy the new site experience.

From all of us on the Outdoor Cap Team, thanks for being our customer. Let's sell some hats! For more information, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts

Ben is Outdoor Cap's SVP of Marketing and is focused on creating a bigger, better experience for all Outdoor Cap customers. Ben loves reading, technology, and spending time with his family in Bentonville, Arkansas.